God @ Work: The Catholic Mission
May 27, 2022
Sunday May 29th: The Ascension of Our Lord
May 29, 2022

Saturday May 28th: Let go; let God

“If you ask anything of the Father in my name, he will give it to you. “

John 16:23-28

In this passage, I might be inclined to focus on the promise of Jesus that I will be given anything I ask for in his name, and I might feel discouraged. I have often experienced praying hard for something and not getting it.
But today, instead, I focus on the central truth that Jesus shares with me, which is this: the Father loves me. I sit quietly and allow this thought to enter into my heart. The Father loves me.
Perhaps now my prayer cantake a different form. Knowing that the Father loves me, maybe I can bring my concerns to the Father without dictating how they are to be solved? Perhaps I can place them in this loving Father’s care, and leave them there?
Pray with me: Father, I let go of my desire for security, for control, and I open my heart to your loving presence and action within me.
(Sacred Space)