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May 27, 2022
Saturday May 28th: Let go; let God
May 28, 2022

God @ Work: The Catholic Mission

The Catholic News has added another facet to its integral living thrust with the introduction of its business supplement. With a specific theme every month, get tips not only on how as a Catholic you negotiate difficult situations and issues in the workplace, but also, content around the chosen theme.

In this month’s supplement with theme Weddings:

  • Catholic leadership @ Work: An interview with Derek Hudson
  • Theology of Work
  • Planning a wedding in a pandemic
  • Financial tips for newlyweds
  • Dos and don’ts of wedding planning
  • Making your day special
  • So you are getting married…What do you have to do? (Advice from two members of clergy)
  • Awesome wedding reception venues

Have a question re a workplace situation that you need advice on how to bring your Catholic teachings to bear? We will publish it and ask one of our Catholic professionals to guide you. Send your queries to

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