Saturday May 21st: The hard road of Jesus
May 21, 2022
Monday May 23rd: The Advocate
May 23, 2022

Sunday May 22nd: Home sweet home

“We will make our home with you.”

John 14:23-29

Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain. (Ps127:1) It’s the same with the family. If the Lord is not at the table, you will eat ‘the bread that the devil knead.’ The Lord invites, ‘Anyone who loves me, we will make our home with them.’ We, all of us, the Father, Son and Spirit, will make our home with you. Separate is salt; together, the cup runneth over.
Open the window for the spirit to enter; the door to welcome the Lord; and raise the roof for the Father to pitch tent, so all may be covered in that sacred space. The family space is holy ground and the sanctuary of sanctuaries.
With the Lord at the table, ‘you will love again the stranger who was your self.’(DW). You will give wine, give bread; give back your heart to the family, this quickening where peace resides. When every meal is unto a Eucharist, every wind of change is spirit-filled; every discord, a wound that heals to greater peace.

Photo by Pixabay