Laudato Si Mi Amore – A special gift for you
May 20, 2022
Sunday May 22nd: Home sweet home
May 22, 2022

Saturday May 21st: The hard road of Jesus

“But it will be on my account that they will do all this”

John 15: 18- 21

Today’s Gospel points out that we will be called to face rejection and hardship just like Jesus and because of him. The way of a Christian is no bed of roses. People will reject us because we are not fitting into the world view of life but we need to pray for the gifts of the Spirit as Pentecost day draws nearer.
During this Easter period as we reflect on the changes we have chosen to make in life we need to rely on the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will enable us to stand in this world and face the hard road of Jesus because it is on his account they will treat us badly and we will face difficulties.
Lord, I pray that my heart be open to the gifts of your Holy Spirit. Amen