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May 18, 2022
Thursday May 19th: Lord Complete My Joy!
May 19, 2022

Lent into Easter

Pictures, they say are worth a thousand words and some people need to see to believe. I visited each church in the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish including the communities of Christ the King and St Andrew Kaggwa as they celebrated the Season of Lent and Easter.

The altar during Lent at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Pro-Cathedral, San Fernando showed bare trees symbolising the emptiness, and lifelessness which exist without Christ. Purple linen was draped over the cross as a symbol of penance.

It was transformed for Easter (see photo). There were Easter lilies and flowers as a symbol of new life. Easter Sunday is a revered day and is celebrated with lilies, white altar cloths and candles to evoke renewal, hope and light.

Here are photos of the altars at St Andrew Kaggwa RC Church, Vistabella and at Christ the King RC Church, Les Efforts.

We have seen the changes in the altars from Lent to Easter. We see the transformations and we experience the joys of goodness overcoming evil and light overcoming darkness. Without Jesus Christ we are nothing. We are barren. With Jesus Christ, we are everything.

Easter time is a time of rejoicing. It is a time of Alleluias, for praising and thanking God. Our happy future is within our reach, take hold of it. — Therese Chung, OLPH Parish Synod Coordinator