God, my homey
May 13, 2022
Sunday May 15th: Love: Our moral compass.
May 15, 2022

Saturday May 14th: Our brother’s keeper

‘Love one another as I love you’

John 15:9-17

As I write, the nation is outraged on learning of the abuse of children at the children’s homes and the tragic end of the two year old toddler who walked out of his home. As is customary, we look for a scapegoat, and then we can continue on, relieved that it is them, not us, to blame.
I believe in today’s Gospel passage, Jesus is inviting us to look beneath the surface of transactions, to see cause and effects.
The command ‘love one another as I love you’ points to culture, further summarizing the eight beatitudes. It is challenging us to question our belief system, of self first, (what’s in it for me). It is inviting us to embark on a new culture, one of solidarity.
It is a call to abandon blame and look at redesigning systems, structures and processes, to reflect, to see ourselves as our brother’s keeper.
It requires cultural change which starts with the man in the mirror. What change do I have to make to meet Jesus’ challenge?