Penal community mourns death of RC student and mom
May 10, 2022
Selfless Ann
May 11, 2022

Wednesday May 11th: Believe…See…Hear…Keep

Cause me to believe…

John 12:44-50

We are called today to believe in Jesus, for we are really believing in the Father; and to see Jesus, for we are really seeing the Father. If we do this, Jesus promises us that we will no longer stay in the dark. There will be movement in every part of our lives, towards light, towards Jesus. He calls Himself ‘light’ in this gospel passage.
Then Jesus tells us to ‘hear’, meaning to open every fibre of our being to what He is telling us in his Word, in our prayer time, in our every day life, through the people that surround us at home, at work, in church. He goes on to say, ‘keep’ His words faithfully for He says it is the Father who commands Him what to say and He follows, because the Father’s words mean eternal life! Cause me to see you, to believe in you, to hear your words and keep your Word faithfully, O God.

Photo by Jasmin Ne on Unsplash