Poem for Moms: I stood at the edge and dove in
May 5, 2022
Friday May 6th: No ordinary bread
May 6, 2022

Poetry for Motherhood

By Dr Debra Bartholomew

Motherhood to me is like watching parts of yourself walking around in front of you but with added tenacity, wit and a healthy dose of sass. But on a serious note, there are days when I’m in my element, and I have my own cheerleading squad, and days when I’m at my lowest, when the best medicine is readily available, a hug, our Vitamin H. When I became a mother, I had no idea what that role would entail. I am parent, friend, protector, advocate, champion, defender, confidante, teacher, student, doctor, nurse, and classmate. I am all of these and more. I am mom.




My world is grey

Gone is the colour that bathed and danced and filled my once beautiful days

No whispers in the morning to announce your awakened state

No questions to challenge the mind, to focus thought

No laughter to sweeten the day, to gladden my heart

My heart, oh, my grieving, aching heart,

What do we do now?

The cacophony of motherhood now viciously snatched from my ear

Now replaced by an ever-expanding vacuum of silence

I am lost, blind, deaf… my senses too, abandon me

My children, far away… I am adrift until they return



I stood at the edge and dove in