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Bridge at Mount restored: Monks grateful for public’s support

The 106-year-old iron bridge at Mount St Benedict was finally completed Friday, April 22.

Repair works began towards the end of March and took one month to complete.

The primary purpose of the bridge is to give the monks access to one of its water sources from which water is enjoyed by all who visit the Mount and several of the buildings there. Access is needed by the monks in order to service and maintain the water supply, inclusive of ensuring that the water is always clean and healthy.

Although the bridge is easily accessible, which is already being done by small families on hikes, it will not be beneficial in the long run if it becomes a popular destination for all and sundry, Abbot John Pereira OSB told The Catholic News.

This, he stressed, may tend to compromise the present pristine quality of the Mount’s water supply.

Abbot Pereira explained that the job was contracted to a trusted contractor often employed by the Abbey for such projects, Hayden Martinez of Danclar’s Painting Service. There was a structural engineer, Boucou, who volunteered his opinion.

It cost the Abbey TT$85,000 to repair the bridge. He revealed the total sum of financial donations received from the public was TT$1,000. Abbot Pereira expressed his appreciation to all who supported this project either financially or by way of moral support through their interest and encouragement.