Christ’s Resurrection – examining the evidence
April 20, 2022
Testimony: This I know for sure
April 21, 2022

Thursday April 21st: Scriptures Reveal Jesus

“He then opened their minds to understand the scriptures”

Luke 24: 35 – 48

Happy Easter Thursday. Blessings of the Resurrection of Christ upon every area of your life.
Today we read about the burning hearts of the disciples as they encountered Jesus on the road to Emmaus and also the doubt as he appeared to them. Jesus proved that it was HE by showing them his wounds. We are like these disciples and doubt God’s tangible reality in aspects of our lives.

It is important to develop a relationship with Sacred Scripture so that God can reveal himself to us. We will begin to recognize his presence at the breaking of bread, that is, his word, food for our journey.

Lord Jesus, please open our minds to understand the Sacred Scriptures and reveal yourself to us. Amen

Photo by Eduardo Braga