A blessing in disguise
April 19, 2022
Bringing Easter solace
April 20, 2022

Wednesday April 20th: An Emmaus Encounter

Luke 24:13-25

I walked seven miles to Emmaus-
With my grief at my side
Although we’re supposed to be Easter people,
My sorrow and sadness I just could not hide.

It seems like for years I had been on this journey.
I’d been going in circles it seemed.
Complaints were always at the tip of my tongue,
And my countenance was rather melancholy.

I was an overwhelmed pilgrim-
Who was traversing across this familiar territory.
Truth be told, I was weary-
From wearing my broken heart on my sleeve.

I had barely made it to that confessional,
But I needed to shed the old cloak of my broken story.
Yet, I should have known it was He-
Who made my heart burn within me.

As we conversed,
I felt an unravelling within soul.
It was as though something had zapped me,
As we feasted on the Liturgy of His Word.

With a humbled and contrite heart, I approached his banquet-
Yearning, for the deep hunger to be fed.
Love seemed to burn through me as I received the Eucharist
And I recognized Him in the breaking of the Bread.