Friday April 8th: Jesus is Lord.
April 8, 2022
Saturday April 9th: The loss of power
April 9, 2022

Religious leaders will break fast together

The final half hour of the National Day of Prayer and Fasting for Peace and Human Development will comprise Pundit Omadath Maharaj of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS) faith, Iman Clyde Prudhum Ali and RC Church Inter Religious Organization (IRO) Representative, Fr Martin Sirju.

The religious leaders will each speak for ten minutes on video. They will each read a scripture, give a short reflection, and say a prayer. After this, each faith community will break fast in its own particular manner. The videos are pre-recorded and will broadcast 5.30 p.m. on Trinity TV (Channel 10) and TTT today, Friday, April 8.

In a statement, Fr Sirju called for all citizens to “…pray for a very successful National Day of Prayer and Fasting with the fitting ending of breaking fast together in a spirit of solidarity and friendship”.

When Archbishop Jason Gordon met recently with IRO heads, he wanted to do something meaningful and symbolic with the Muslim community since Ramadan and Lent overlap this year.

Christians and Muslims are Abrahamic religions. Muslims recognise Jesus and Mary in their scriptures. Both have specific months of fasting.

It was therefore decided that the Archbishop break fast with the Muslim community at the ASJA Charlieville Masjid at about 6.20 p.m. today. President of ASJA, Zainool Sarafat will be present with a few Muslim brethren as the numbers are being kept low due to the dangers still posed by the pandemic. It is still to be decided if a meal will take place due to ASJA protocols governing eating during the pandemic.

As the Hindu community recognises a very auspicious time in their religious observance—Nava Ratri–with fasting coming to a climax today, Archbishop Gordon thought it fit then to stand in solidarity with Hindus as well.



-By Kaelanne Jordan