Monday April 4th: Jesus’ testimony is valid
April 4, 2022
Joseph lived, in spite of
April 5, 2022

Tuesday April 5th: Holy Spirit, be with me

Lord I pray for understanding and courage.

John 8: 21 – 30

Lord, I pray for understanding and courage. There are so many times in the Gospels that the listeners of Jesus do not understand what He is saying or just don’t believe Him. I sometimes feel like these people. I marvel at the courage of Jesus to preach the Word of God, knowing that those who are listening to Him do not believe Him or think He is mentally ill.
I pray to the Holy Spirit, to truly know God is with me at all times. It is sometimes so difficult for me to remember this.
I would like to live a life pleasing to God. I would love to be the kind of person who is convinced of the Father’s will for me and then have the courage and conviction to do His will, without regard to what anyone else may think.
I envy the single-mindedness of Jesus.