Sunday April 3rd: Source of pardon and peace.
April 3, 2022
Tuesday April 5th: Holy Spirit, be with me
April 5, 2022

Monday April 4th: Jesus’ testimony is valid

“I am the light of the world”

John 8:12-20

This pandemic experience has many people asking the question, “Where is God?”. How can He allow so much suffering and death? Yet we know that He is present in this literal darkness. The Pharisees in today’s Gospel challenged Him, accusing that His testimony is not valid. We too may at times find it difficult to explain.

Jesus tells them that He knows where He came from and where He is going. The Word is present in all circumstances, even when things appear chaotic. This is not easy to absorb by any means.  Faith and trusting in our loving Father is our hope.

Lent is a period for us to do some deep introspection.  We have the experience of Mary who was able to ponder all things and play her role in salvation. Let us call upon her to help us at this time, to intercede to her son who is “the Light of the world”, so we can all appreciate the good that surrounds us.