Catholic schools ready for full reopening
April 2, 2022
Monday April 4th: Jesus’ testimony is valid
April 4, 2022

Sunday April 3rd: Source of pardon and peace.

Jesus is always there, not to condemn but to lift us all, one by one to new life.-

John 8:1-11

It happened in Jerusalem, in the Temple, where day after day, tired feet and bleeding hearts return to find strength, pardon and peace. A group of Pharisees surround a woman caught in adultery, shouting condemnation, punishment and death. Jesus was also there, quietly leading her accusers to the truth hidden behind their righteous robes: no one is without sin.

Instead of calling out her shame, he embraced the sinner; instead of handing down justice, he poured out mercy; instead of condemnation and death, Jesus offered her new life. When the ‘bruised and scorned’ make their way through the world, they often see their sins written on the Temple walls; loud justice, not mercy, awaits them. Rejected, they turn away, condemned to social death.

But Jesus is always there…. Silently, the Lord of the Temple comes down and joins those who have fallen in the dust; not to reject but to embrace, not to condemn but to cleanse, not to bury us further into the dust, but to lift us one by one to a new life.

Photo by Christopher Sardegna on Unsplash