Lent 2022: A more hopeful me
March 17, 2022
International Forestry Day (March 21)
March 18, 2022

Friday March 18th: The Holy Spirit produces good fruits.

God expects all disciples to produce the appropriate fruits.

Matthew 21: 33 – 43. 45 – 46.

The parable of the vineyard owner and the hostile tenants is a summary of the God/people relationship. The parable is rich in symbolism: the landowner is God, the vineyard is the House of Israel, the tenants are the people of God, the servants are the prophets, and the son is Jesus.

Whatever is said, in the parable, of the God/people relationship then is applicable today. God gives disciples everything they need to live a good, holy life. And as He did in olden times, God expects that disciples would honour their commitment by producing the appropriate fruits at their appointed times.

The fruits necessary for disciples to maintain a healthy, life-giving relationship with God come from the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we are speaking of love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, etc. The parable frowns upon rotten fruits such as selfishness, greed, hostility, antagonism and so on.

The only way to preserve the relationship with God and produce the appropriate fruit is to turn towards Him, not away from Him.

Photo by Dora Cavallo on Unsplash