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March 17, 2022
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March 18, 2022

Lent 2022: A more hopeful me

Natasha Babwah-Tim Kee shares her thoughts and reflections for the Lenten season.

I’m excited about my 2022 Lenten journey. Usually I, like most people (I guess), approach the season ‘all hot and sweaty’, ready to pray, fast and give alms.

I start off full of hope to begin the walk with Jesus, promising to strictly observe set prayer times and daily scripture readings, attending church retreats and online theological sessions— all to learn more about Christ’s walk during those days in the wilderness. Mentally journeying with Him through it all.

I go in thinking this should be easy for me. I attend Mass every weekend; I sing in the choir; I volunteer in different groups at church, I love Mass.

But somewhere along the way, as I move through the monotony of my daily routine, day after day, I tend to forget about the mission and end up missing days of reading my Bible. Or forgot it was Friday and ate a sumptuous BBQ for dinner.

Every Lent it happens and may even continue to for a long time unless, maybe, I get serious about my decision to put God first in my life (although, I thought I was serious at the beginning of Lent).

‘Do I even know what it takes to put God first or how to go about doing that, each and every day without fail?’, are some of the thoughts that go through my mind.

The guilt of not being able to follow through, or the feeling of letting God down in some way, by not being able to keep a simple prayer schedule can be seen as a failure and weigh heavily on one’s psyche.

At that point, it seems much easier to give up as my mind says to me ‘It just doesn’t make sense to continue’,  as though it was some kind of test God was putting me through, as if I didn’t read His Word every day or fast every week, He would judge me harshly.

So how can I get serious and remember my Lenten obligation? How can I become more aware of the gravity of this life-changing season? Should I just be more conscious throughout my day of what it takes to complete a mission like this? One must be so focused and in tune with God that the mission is never far from your mind.

My Lenten journey this year begins with a more hopeful me. I feel that I’ve grown spiritually over the last few years and have also matured in some important ways.

God has allowed me to journey through some places in this life so that He could show me how important He is in my life. Not only how important but that He is EVERYTHING! For me to really realise and know in my heart that I cannot do it without Him!

I know it’s cliché and we always heard the older people saying it, but it’s only after you’ve experienced certain things you come to fully know, without a doubt, that nothing can save you out here in this life except for God!

So, I am going to be more mindful, every minute of each day about the mission, consulting the Creator on all matters from the biggest to the smallest, submitting all my cares to Him.

I know only God could take away worry and fear. That to live a peaceful and meaningful life takes love and gratitude and I know the Lord will prosper me and mine. I have no doubt.

This year 2022, I vow to never miss a Friday fast, pray with fervour and humility, and help all who need me, animal and human alike. It’s the least I could do.

Natasha Babwah-Tim Kee is a widow, mother, singer, songwriter, music minister, educator, animal rescuer and activist who loves God more than anything in this world and is on a mission to do her part in protecting the earth and all of its inhabitants.