Tuesday March 15th: Below the surface
March 15, 2022
Agnes was an example of synodality
March 15, 2022

Friday March 25th: The Annunciation of the Lord

Mary trusted God and cooperated with Him.

Luke 1: 26 – 38

The Feast of the Annunciation is the root of all the other special feasts and celebrations in the Church. The Annunciation speaks of the Archangel Gabriel announcing to Mary that she would give birth to the Saviour. Nine months later we celebrate the birth of Christ.

The word that comes to mind is cooperation. At the Annunciation, Mary demonstrated that despite the limitations of not fully understanding and wondering how, she cooperated with God to bring about the birth of the Saviour. God always wants and depends on our cooperation. If we do not cooperate with Him, how would God work in the world?

Like Mary we do not always understand or are fully prepared. But like Mary we can trust God that if He asks He will also give the means to accomplish the task. Cooperation depends on trust.

Mary trusted God and she teaches us to do the same. God wants to announce good news through us. We cannot miss these special opportunities because of fear or unwillingness.

Photo by Birmingham Museums Trust on Unsplash