Saturday March 12th: Love who?
March 12, 2022
Monday March 14th: God of Mercy and Compassion
March 14, 2022

Sunday March 13th: Abounding confidence

Bleed love into each other

Luke 9:28-36

When we get it right, we feel the transformation: our head rises, shoulders thrown back with confidence, great hormones splurge their loving kindness into our veins, we smile, and with elation we walk tall, bleed love into each other’s veins and feel one with everything. We walk and never get weary.

As Jesus prayed it happened. He was transformed in their midst and Moses and Elijah appeared to grant great credibility and appreciation for His mission. This is what was prophesied by all the prophets. He did what he was sent to do. His mission was unfolding right there before their eyes.

As we transform from ordinary into extraordinary our ancestors nod their acceptance. The entire universe forms an alliance. This is what you come here for, this is what you were created for, and your purpose shines on your chest like a badge of honour.

A multitude of guardian angels rush in to support you on your way. A rainbow appears out of nowhere, hugging the entire community where everyone is blessed.