March 11, 2022
Sunday March 13th: Abounding confidence
March 13, 2022

Saturday March 12th: Love who?

“He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good.”

Matthew 5: 43-45

There is this man in church who does not like the best bone in my body and he is always doing things to discredit me……You want me to pray for he???
One day I did start praying for him, praying that God would strengthen his ministry and I prayed for whatever was causing him pain and for his healing from whatever trauma may have led him to be this person.
Then one day, he said that God had answered his prayers for a job opportunity abroad and he was migrating. He shared he was happy for a new start.
The lesson for me, was to always put my trust in God. It does not matter who your enemy is. Many times it is not an evil person but a person just like you whom God is protecting and covering. So pray that God will help them to find their way; pray for them as you would wish that someone would pray for you and it would all work out in the end.