Monday March 7th: Sheep come here, Goats over there
March 7, 2022
Caring must be at the centre
March 8, 2022

Tuesday March 8th: Lord, teach us to pray

‘You should pray like this.’

Matthew 6: 7-15

In the Gospel today, Jesus is teaching us how we should pray. We remember the Greatest Commandment that we should love God and our neighbour.

We can consider this ‘Our Father’ as a template for our prayers for he follows the teaching of his Great commandment.

Firstly, with his opening, he brings us together as one family praying with each other. We start our prayer by praising God: may your name be held holy. We also notice that the kingdom starts here on earth: your kingdom come…on earth as in heaven.

After praising God we turn to our neighbour and show our love by pleading for the family and praying that we should treat them as we treat ourselves. In other words we pray that we love them as we love ourselves.

Finally we beg for mercy and salvation for us all.

There is no need for many words, and Jesus’ advice is: you should pray like this.