Saturday March 5th: Leave everything-Follow Jesus!
March 5, 2022
Monday March 7th: Sheep come here, Goats over there
March 7, 2022

Sunday March 6th: Staying strong

“Led by the Spirit in the wilderness, Jesus was tempted.”

Luke 4:1-13

How often do we allow the Holy Spirit to lead us? Sometimes it is a good experience and sometimes difficult, but there is a reason for the experience; always a purpose. We oftentimes fault people for their bad choices, but what if it is a lesson for all of us?
There were three temptations with which Jesus was faced; the first being that of satisfying hunger. What if we are called to fast, to give up the things we love, to be in communion with God?
The second is to ease the pain, the suffering, the anguish caused by the evil one. Would we give in, would we surrender so that we may have an easy life? To know our worth comes from the struggles within us and our dependence on God.
The third reminds us of how often we test God; but if we truly love and believe in Him we should never succumb to that temptation. We will always be tempted even at the point of death. Just profess your love for God.