Friday March 4th: The Value of Fasting
March 4, 2022
Sunday March 6th: Staying strong
March 6, 2022

Saturday March 5th: Leave everything-Follow Jesus!

“It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.”

Luke 5:27-32

How many are sick now…of worry, fear, grief, physical and or mental illness. In this wilderness, Lord, You will speak to our hearts and Your call will reassure us of Your love. You have promised to never forsake us and to those who hope in You, our reward is eternal life.
For some, today may be the last call; let us not despair but look death bravely in her eye and ask, where is your sting? For our Hope is in You Lord who made Heaven and Earth.
Your love for us, Your pitiful and sick creatures compels You and draws down Your Mercy and compassion, like a magnet to metal. Let us not mourn the loss of the things of this world, nor cling to our lives since we are pilgrims on a journey back to the source of our creation, where we will partake in the everlasting banquet.