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February 24, 2022
Friday February 25th: The two shall become one
February 25, 2022

For the Love of the Catholic Church

February is not over and as long as we are in February we can still talk about love. So, let’s continue to talk about our love affair with the Catholic Church. I have found that by reminiscing on the time we fell in love can help us to forget a multitude of hurt. Instead of rehashing pain we should try to relive the moment when we found joy.

So, when did you fall in love with the Catholic Church?


Anika Shari Johnson

Jesus revealed Himself to a headstrong Protestant girl (me) in His peaceful presence in the Blessed Sacrament. I was 17 in Holy Name Convent. I wanted to receive Jesus, my heart longed, and my soul thirsted for Eucharist. I fell in love quickly but with struggle with the House of the Eucharist, the RC Church.







Natasha Babwah Tim Kee

I fell in love with the Catholic Church around the age of five years old attending Mass every Sunday with my grandmother, aunts, and cousins. I was always intrigued with a church overflowing with people, looking for seats, standing room only, the sweet sounds and rhythms of the choir while everyone seemed so pious and prayerful. The love affair truly began later on around the age of ten when I joined the Saturday evening choir with my aunt. Then there came weekly choir practices followed by weekend Mass. Weddings, funerals, and special days like Glorious Saturday and Christmas Eve Masses excited me with all the bustle of preparation for these solemn events. Here too I, as the only child in the choir, met then parish priest Fr Malcolm Galt CSSp who lovingly called me ‘Darling Songbird’. I joke now that the now Bishop Galt was my ‘first love’ in Church as I’ve continued to cultivate a close relationship with my parish priests past and present. All in all, the gift of singing that God has blessed me with, has led me to be part of music ministry in the Church which has been completely gratifying and exciting! I love my Church!


Marisha Darneaud

I fell in love with the Catholic Church when I really got the opportunity to evangelise to young people through working with the Vision youth supplement in the Catholic News. As a young person, I had no other avenue to evangelise to young people. I also fell in love being involved in the youth group in my parish. I had a fabulous time and I miss those years! I thank God that I was involved in youth ministry.