Ageing gracefully
February 22, 2022
May cooler heads and peaceful hearts prevail
February 22, 2022

Eye See Cannyval

You jumping up for dee cannyval? 

As for Eye, Eye cyah miss dat, Eye must take pat, bot Eye following dee popula cannyval root. 

Eye starting frum Bedroom Lane den Eye going across to Living Room Street, and den Eye going to take ah drink in Kitchen Park, an make ah short stop in Bathroom Cul de Sac.  

Den ah go pick up my cusstume in Laundry Lane befour heading to cumpetition in dee Gran Garden Savannah whey dey have dee Big Yard and then Eye go take ah lime by the Greens, buh ah go leaf befour it get too sorwah.

Eye hear dat Fig Leef comin out wid ah ban but Eye ent fraid dem, because dey young and green and all ah dem iz just suckers, bot dee band to fear iz Hibiscus Associates. 

Eye hear dey coming out awl in red, wid ah small section in wite and orange, an dey have ah section wid dat fella Mill Lee Bog leading, an dey have ah nudder section wid ah immigrant, Jack Spaniard. Eye hear he have ah sting. 

Den Rose have ah section and dat go be ah torn in yuh side.

Eye hear too dat Mince Shawl bringing ah band wid Sack Haboy wit ah Tarn but dat go bun up dee place because he go be hot hot hot. Dey go have to jump in dee river and could get bite wid ah man crab name Solomon Gundy. 

Dey tell Eye dat Eggy and dem have ah band but dem go be easy to beat. Last year Eye hear when dey get beat dey decide to form ah wall and dey put Humpty on top to guard it and when he hear dee music from Kes Kid He and dem he wine and fall, and the whole band crack up and Eggy and dem couldn’t take the result and dey cry foul. Eye doe know what widder happen if dat music wuz from All de Stars. Dey wudda run from Casablanca to Tokyo. 

Eye tink dem real Crazy, behaving like Gypsy, just ah Shadow of dey reel self. Dey need ah Rudder to guide dem. Behaving like young chickens, dey should learn to Crow, Crow and grow up to be like ah Rootsman. Dey have no Resistance. All ah dem is just chicken and dey ent go put no yoke roung Eye neck.  Ken Turkey go fry dem dry. But Eye ent following dem. Eye go rest orf in Garage Park with Caz and dem.

Boy dis cannyval go be reel Bar Canal. Dat go drain Eye out. 

Eye add vice to you is stay in dee safe.