Saturday February 19th: Transfiguring Moments
February 19, 2022
Monday February 21st: Developing our prayer lives
February 21, 2022

Sunday February 20th: Raising the bar

‘Treat others as you would like them to treat you.’

Luke 6: 27-38

The gospel of today is part of Jesus’ greatest homily. This is where he lays out his template, something seemingly impossible for us.

We have to realize, however, that what Jesus is asking of us is similar to what our parents and teachers ask, to attempt the seemingly impossible. They tell us to reach for the stars. We understand, nevertheless, that what they mean is that to succeed we have to aim high.

Our goal is heaven, and to attain such a goal we have to attempt the impossible. Our faith tells us that with God all things are possible and that is why Mother Teresa was able to attempt the impossible and succeed and similarly Nelson Mandela forgiving those who persecuted him for many years, and Mahatma Gandhi who peacefully ‘defeated’ the British.

We too, with faith, can attempt to be compassionate as our Father is compassionate.

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash