Friday February 18th: Public witness
February 18, 2022
Sunday February 20th: Raising the bar
February 20, 2022

Saturday February 19th: Transfiguring Moments

Rabbi, it is good that we are here!”

Mark 9:2-13

Have you been pouring from an empty cup, lately? Perhaps, you have been trekking and traversing through the mountainous responsibilities of life without even realising that you’re running low. When was your last transfiguration moment?
For me, it was while writing this reflection in the crispness of pre-dawn. As I glanced out of my window, I was entranced at the striking brilliance of the planet, Venus against captivating purplish sky. As it shone in all of its glory in the stillness and silence of that morning, even the birds seemed speechless as it gracefully allowed me this, sweet and intimate moment.
As I attuned my being to God in gratitude and drew deeply from the wellsprings of his grace in this moment, I knew that it would be short-lived. For soon, the demands of the household and job would shatter the silence. Yet, as the darkness subsided, I felt replenished, and at peace. I was ready and renewed for my descent -back in the real world which is so in need of the witness of transfigured souls.
Come, Lord Jesus.

Photo by Ales Krivec on Unsplash