Tuesday February 15th: Stick break in your ears?
February 15, 2022
Thursday February 17th: Journey to commitment
February 17, 2022

Wednesday February 16th: Trust

“… a personal commitment to trust the process.”

Mark 8:22-26

Change is a personal commitment to trust the process. Sometimes it happens just so. But very often real change is a slow journey filled with darkness, unclear sight and finally, hopefully, clarity.
In this passage, the blind man from Bethsaida is brought to Jesus to be touched but the man is not instantly healed. Instead, Jesus takes him by the hand, away from the glare of the crowd, outside the village. A great deal of trust is required on the man’s part. Even when Jesus uses his personal touch to try and heal him, his sight is partial and Jesus has to start over again, requiring even greater trust.
We know what this blind man has gone through is our story. Once we have embarked on that long journey from darkness to clarity of vision, we know we are no longer the same. We are transformed. Consequently, we, like that man, can return “home” with renewed energy, vigour and insight because we trusted the process.
Thank you, Lord, for helping us trust you.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels