Saturday February 5th: That quiet place
February 5, 2022
Monday February 7th: Fringe Benefits…when we Recognise
February 7, 2022

Sunday February 6th: Put out your nets for a catch

“And when they had done this they netted such a huge catch their nets began to tear.”

Luke 5:1-11

Peter and his friends were out all night and caught nothing but a feeling of failure. When did you feel stagnated, a failure, then ‘put out to deep water’, where you were reconciled with someone, started working with the poor, moved to a contemplative way of praying, join a 12 step programme, got involved in community development.
Joe thought that happiness lies in going to school, getting a qualification, having money, romance, freedom to move from the confines of home and to different geographical locations. It did not remove his emotional problems, the feeling of failure and stagnation.
A friend invited him to an Emotions Anonymous (EA) meeting. He heard how others experienced failure, worked the 12 step programme of EA. He felt at home with plenty of encouragement. He shared his sufferings, failures and started the slow process of change.
He ‘put out into the deep water’ and found his true life and has shared it with others.
When did you ‘put out into the deep water’?

Photo by Mustafa Ünal from Pexels