Friday February 4th: Every knee should bend
February 4, 2022
Sunday February 6th: Put out your nets for a catch
February 6, 2022

Saturday February 5th: That quiet place

“Build a cell inside your mind…”-St. Catherine of Siena

Mark 6:30-34

Even Jesus, Son of God went off often in solitude to be in communion with God; so much more am I in need of this frequent recharge with the Divine. It is easy to be swept away by the duties and distractions of this life and I often did not realize I was empty, until I started to observe my irritability and impatience.
My ‘quiet place’ began with the bathroom, only for a few minutes (I had no other physical place), as I would soon hear the knocking on the door and one of five little voices beckoning me.
Over time, the quiet places evolved into anywhere and everywhere- I found frequent recharging in the little things and I soon realized that God was present in everything and for me the ‘quiet place’ was no longer a physical place but mental detachment and constant conversations with God in my soul.