Synod with Youth
January 26, 2022
Confirmation in Maloney
January 26, 2022

My Confirmation journey

Mid-March 2018 is when my journey of the Sacrament of Confirmation began in St Paul, Manzanilla. Dianne Bernard and Nicole Lynch were our catechists and had been with us from the beginning until November 28, 2021.

The beginning of our journey was the best time. Most days we learnt more about our faith and on the last Sundays of the month, we would relax by playing games and getting to know each other.

During our time between 2018–2020, we took a tour of the abbey church at Mount St Benedict. Also, we played the ‘Ball in Bucket’ game with Fr Simon Peter Ango and helped to make palms for Palm Sunday. Additionally, we gave food to those in need, which saddened me but made me determined to find a way to give back to my community.

The outbreak of the coronavirus caused a setback in our Confirmation journey, which caused me to question my thoughts on Christianity and about God. I felt lost and angry at God for letting this all happen.

Thankfully in mid-March 2021, churches were finally reopened. I felt free to reconnect with the community and with Christ. When we continued our journey, Manzanilla and Biche parishes were united to finish our journey. Together, we did the sessions on the Theology of the Body, which in my opinion was not for the faint-hearted.

The teachers for my group, Ms Jeadine and Mr David, along with Frs Kenwyn Sylvester and Lindsay John taught more about our bodies, marriage, and family and how it all connects with Christ. With that, I felt my faith becoming stronger and I felt closer to God than I was at the start of Covid.

After Theology of the Body was completed, we started doing a novena before Confirmation. On the third day, we went to church to do a practice run of our Confirmation day. We also did confessions, which helped me be certain that I was ready for Confirmation.

Finally, it was the day of Confirmation; our journey was finished. However, the journey of preaching our faith with greater knowledge had begun.

Archbishop Charles Jason Gordon confirmed 22 candidates, 11 from Manzanilla parish, and 11 from Biche. It was truly a blessing to be in his presence, to hear his words in person rather than on a TV screen. With that I’ve finished one of the many journeys of my faith.

– Sade Carter