The Permanent Diaconate explained
January 21, 2022
Sunday January 23rd: Listening changes everything
January 23, 2022

Saturday January 22nd: The crowd Listening

Relatives took charge of Him

Mark 3:20-21

Jesus appears on the scene attesting that the Father sent Him. His actions are unconventional. He is performing miracles, calling men to faith, to bear witness that He is the Son of God.
Despite the miracles, some reject Him, even accuse Him of acting by the power of demons, forgiving sins and healing on the Sabbath day.
He is accused of blasphemy and his family is concerned wondering if He is out of his mind. Jesus’ action and words were signs of contradiction. The religious people challenged him about the Law.
Even his friends feared for him. Are you a friend of Jesus concerned about bringing his Kingdom, doing radical things that others may think you are out of your mind?
Today we are challenged to do the unconventional things by going on the streets at this time to evangelize, to call others to Jesus.
Know when you take that radical step your family, friends will think you are out of mind.
Are you a follower of Jesus?