#BeingTracy – 2022 Epiphanies
January 20, 2022
The Permanent Diaconate explained
January 21, 2022

Friday January 21st: Called to serve

“He went up into the mountain and summoned those he wanted.”

Mark 3: 13 – 19.

At the start of his ministry, Jesus chose the Twelve who became his companions. It says that witnessing to and building the kingdom of God is neither a one person task nor a private affair. The kingdom is a shared experience. Jesus chose the Twelve to share with him.

Jesus chose the Twelve while he was up in the hills. His customary place of prayer and reflection was up in the hills. We can presume that his choice of companions emerged from his time of prayer and discernment. The Twelve were to be his most trusted companions. He could not choose them on a whim but with the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

These were to be sent out to preach with power to cast out devils. Preaching ought to be a healing in itself. If we preach without moralising or condemning, we can teach, invite people to change and guide them towards a deeper life in God. All preaching should share the life of God.