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January 19, 2022
Ordinary Time ‘again’
January 20, 2022

Thursday January 20th: Misinformation spoils Good News

“He warned them not to make him known”

Mark 3:7-12

As I read today’s Gospel, today’s Good News, I asked myself, what is the Good News for us today in these pandemic times? In 2020 we prayed fervently for a vaccine and it was Good News when we had a vaccine.
What spoilt the Good News? Misinformation about the vaccine caused people to fear and hence choose not to be vaccinated.
Jesus understood what misinformation can do and mischievous people relish in misinformation as a form of entertainment while leading people to self destruction. Evil spirits would never want to give the whole truth about Jesus and may misinform people about Jesus which would have spoilt the Good News of the Jesus way of life.
As Christians we should always strive to spread truth not misinformation. We have a Christian responsibility to research and spread truth.
Lord, you are the way, the truth and the life. Teach us your way of truth. Amen