Ordinary Time ‘again’

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January 20, 2022
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January 20, 2022

Ordinary Time ‘again’

By Niobe Rodriguez

For there is no one else like you

Righteous and faithful ever true

We lift our hands and sing

All praises to the King

Of matchless worth

Of matchless worth

(Matchless – Candice Caton)

Here we are back in Ordinary Time again; yet, what occurs at the beginning of this season is anything but ordinary. During the off-season in the Church’s year, there may seem to be little to celebrate yet we are reminded in Psalm 96 and in John 2 that Jesus’ everyday life was anything but normal.

Psalm 96 urges us to “Announce his salvation, day after day”. What does that mean? We must look for the extraordinary in the ordinary or even, strange as it may seem, the ordinary in the ordinary. For example, do we habitually leave home and come back in one piece and in good health? The majority of us would say ‘yes’. In this day and age, knowing all the hidden threats and dangers, that could be classified as extraordinary. Does academic success come easily for you? Are you aware that for others it’s a struggle? Don’t take your regular achievements for granted, they are blessings.

I believe that Mary took note of all of her daily blessings as the Mother of Our Lord. She “kept all these things in her heart” and because of this, knew when it was the right time to ask Jesus to do what others would consider extraordinary. By becoming so accustomed to our regular, run-of-the-mill miracles, we sometimes fail to see the value in what others cherish. Our routine boons have turned into water. We are no longer impressed by God’s favour and grace. Yet let a big occasion or event appear on the horizon—a job offer, promotion, wedding, pregnancy, sickness, death, financial need or debt—and we turn to Him for a miracle.

Our song is similar to that of Candice Caton’s ‘Matchless’, offering praise to our God. Is not our God worthy of our praise every day? Has He not noticed that our wine or enjoyment of His miracles and blessings have run low, down to almost nothing? Has He not observed that what we are doing is ceremonial without a care that He is in our midst waiting for us to recognise His divinity and ask for His help? Let us be like our Blessed Mother, always conscious of who we have in our midst—our Maker, our (the Church’s) Husband, our Lord and Saviour—Jesus Christ. We will surely see that over the years the wine that He gives to us will be better and better.