Care for creation: The argument for spaying and neutering
January 18, 2022
January 19, 2022

Wednesday January 19th: Stretch out your hand!

“Christ has no hands on earth but ours,”

Mark 3:1-6

Sometimes, I think we underestimate how much we need our hands until we are unable to use them for some reason or the other. Who among us has not tasted the sting of a broken and sinful world which has left us withered from loss, death, disappointment, trauma, and failure? Yet, if there was ever a time that the world needed saints, it is now.
St. Teresa of Avila said that, “Christ has no hands on earth but ours,” and each of us has been called to do a mighty work for our Lord. What’s preventing you from doing the good works that the Lord has commissioned you? Is it grief, unforgiveness, loneliness, seclusion or even fear? Just imagine Jesus saying to you today, “Here, stretch out your hands, surrender all that you have been holding that has withered you so that I can make it well.”
Prayer: Dear Jesus, please transform my hands into heavenly healing hands and sanctify their work so that you can be glorified through my good works. Amen