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January 19, 2022
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January 19, 2022

Put God at the centre and make 2022 an awesome year


In his New Year’s message to faithful, Bishop Neil Scantlebury of Bridgetown called on citizens to give God thanks for all the blessings, even the trials and crosses He has brought them through in 2021, and look to 2022 with great hope and put God at the centre of their lives in a “greater, profound” way.

This, Bishop Scantlebury said,  includes going to church and confession often, reading the Bible, praying often, and respecting one another.

“That will be awesome, that will be wonderful. God will indeed be pleased with that,” Bishop Scantlebury said in his brief video message December 31, 2021 via RC Catholic bb YouTube’s page.

As the nation headed to the polls Wednesday, January 19, Bishop Scantlebury commented, “it does not have to be nasty.” “It can truly be a very peaceful and a blessed election. We’ll pray that God’s will be done,” he said.

Bishop Scantlebury also appealed for all to show respect to each other, to God, families, friends and even one’s enemies.

“Let us respect everyone. Let us show that we are truly God’s servants by being of service to one another. Let us be of service, let us lend a helping hand to one another. And in this way, 2022 will be an awesome year, not only for us, but for everyone,” Bishop Scantlebury said.