Called to the stage
January 11, 2022
Thursday January 13th: Thy will be done
January 13, 2022

Wednesday January 12th: Purpose

For this purpose I have come

Mark 1:29-39

So Jesus went by he partner Simon and the man mother-in-law was sick. He heal she one time! Well papayo, everybody start to come for he to heal them: the lame, the blind the sick even the possessed! He was like a celebrity yes! He pardner and them start to like they self.
Then Bam!!!
The man get up early, early in the morning and gone someway that nobody could find him and when they find him he say he rolling out yes! He say he want to go to the next village because that is the real reason he come.
You know why you come?
If was you and everybody running you down like the best thing since slice bread, ent you would ah stay? Yuh might ah have a time if you did stay, but what about your purpose? Doh get chain up by the crowd eh. Do like Jesus, regardless of what you accomplish, get up early every morning and connect with the Father and let he direct yuh to yuh purpose.