Friday January 7th: God’s embrace
January 7, 2022
Sunday January 9th: The beloved
January 9, 2022

Saturday January 8th: Walking in humility

‘He must grow greater, I must grow smaller.’

John 3: 22-30

When it is the New Year we often decide to make resolutions that we hope to keep for the entire year… at least. When I read the gospel for today I thought that it would be a good one to help us make a resolution in preparation for the Synod.

We see in this reading the humility of John, who although he has many followers and was greatly respected, nevertheless, acknowledges that there is someone greater than him. He, therefore, lets his followers know that he is only preparing the way for the greater one who is to come.

It would be wonderful if in preparing for the Synod we accept that we are no greater than our neighbours, and let us walk together.
This is what Jesus has commanded us to do when he said, ‘I give you a new commandment, love one another; just as I have loved you, you also must love one another.’