Thursday January 6th: For He was Promised
January 6, 2022
Saturday January 8th: Walking in humility
January 8, 2022

Friday January 7th: God’s embrace

God did not enter humanity to stay away from it.

Luke 5: 12 – 16.

The Christmas season teaches us that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. Jesus, the Word, lived our human life and shared every aspect of it, except sin. Throughout the gospels we learn that the human condition of pain, loss, grief, illness, marginalization, sin, death, etc., touched Jesus deeply.
Today’s gospel is one example of illness and isolation appealing to his compassion. A leper approached him and said, “If you want to, you can cure me”. Both Jesus and the leper understood how impossible the request was.
Leprosy was contagious and as a result lepers were isolated. They were cut off from family, friends and the Temple. In essence they were finished. They had no relationships or the comforts of human embrace.
Jesus changed that. He embraced the leper saying, “Of course I want to!” Jesus did not heal from afar. He embraced people, even those whom society did not. Jesus changed that leper’s life by embracing him. God did not enter humanity to stay away from