St Francis, Belmont prepares for 120th anniversary
January 3, 2022
To keep and to ponder
January 4, 2022

Tuesday January 4: God is love

I pray, I continue to learn new lessons form the Gospels each day

Mark 6: 34 – 44

It is amazing! Each time I read the Gospels I learn something new. I read this Gospel and the first thing I thought of was: this is a lesson on how to treat people.
Here was Jesus, showing compassion for his followers. He cared that they were hungry. He had pity on them and did something about it.
He taught us not only, to give thanks for whatever we have but before doing anything, even a miraculous work, we should pray.
Jesus was an environmentalist, he cleaned up after the people.
I pray I continue to learn new lessons from the Gospels each day. May I follow Jesus and have compassion for mankind and do something practical and useful about it. Let me remember to give thanks for everything I have and to pray before starting any work. I also pray that I keep my surroundings clean.