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January 4, 2022
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January 4, 2022

Our Baptism and the BOM – what’s the link?

Today is the Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord and liturgically-speaking, the last day of the Christmas Season. But it is not the last day of celebrating the coming of our Lord to save us. We celebrate our Saviour’s coming at every Holy Mass!

What, however, does Baptism have to do with our daily lives and especially the Billings Ovulation Method?

According to, “Many of the incidents which accompanied Christ’s baptism are symbolical of what happened at our Baptism. At Christ’s Baptism the Holy Spirit descended upon Him; at our Baptism the Trinity took its abode in our soul. At His Baptism Christ was proclaimed the ‘Beloved Son’ of the Father; at our Baptism we become the adopted sons (children) of God. At Christ’s Baptism the heavens were opened; at our Baptism heaven was opened to us. At His Baptism Jesus prayed; after our Baptism we must pray to avoid actual sin.” At our Baptism we became children of God and Heaven became available to us.

We have an important responsibility to avoid sin. The world we live in gives us numerous avenues away from this responsibility or away from this path Jesus showed us. We must return to the path via the way our Lord showed us, through prayer.

Archbishop Jason Gordon, who recently celebrated four years of appointment as our spiritual leader in the Archdiocese of Port of Spain, shared in his March 2019 Conversations with Archbishop J column that, “Prayer is raising the mind and heart to God. It is a conversation with God and sitting in His presence. Prayer is a cry from the heart to a loving Daddy.”

He also shared on the daily Examen, a prayer process which allows us to look at where we are on that path to Heaven, so we can steer ourselves back to that path.

When it comes to practising and/or promoting Natural Fertility Regulation instead of contraception, we need to be reminded that this is the path that our Lord has led us to via the Church, walking together with the people of God.

Dr John Billings heard from many couples who were planning their families using the Rhythm/Calendar/Counting Method which was failing them and then developed the Ovulation Method which is highly effective.

After 60 years of ongoing research of this Method, the Billings Ovulation Method® is highly effective, yet some are still confusing Billings with Rhythm. This year, as we become a more synodal or listening Church, let us listen to the many with broken hearts and homes who have not heard the message of chastity being about real love, those that have not yet heard about the Billings Ovulation Method®.

Those who have become familiar with “going natural” but have never heard of this way of “going natural” which is in-line with Christ’s teaching to love as He loved us. That is with the sacrificial, unconditional love that Jesus gives us.

That is the kind of love the Billings Ovulation Method® calls couples to when they practise this Method. Let us stay on the path. This Method is Love.


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