Saturday January 1st: God’s boxes
January 1, 2022
Monday January 3rd: Jesus is with us, have faith and hope in love
January 3, 2022

Sunday January 2nd: The Epiphany of the Lord.

“Some wise men came to Jerusalem from the east. Where is the infant king of the Jews.”

Matthew 2:1-12

Who are the Magi of today? They are the young people consciously hungry for a spiritual nourishment that they have not found in our churches and catechisms. They are women who feel they have been treated like unwelcome outsiders when they come to the temple to offer their gifts. They are the “former Catholics” who have been injured, feel rejected or believe that the church has so betrayed her vocation that their conscience does not allow them to participate in it.
These people’s sincere seeking are a wake-up call to us practicing in the church. They want more than they have found in conventional religion. We may even think about what to say to them and at times give solid advice but deep down our main concern is that we should continue to feel secure where we are. We do not want to be disturbed.
When were you disturbed and lived in the real presence of Jesus Christ?