Friday December 31: In the beginning was the Word
December 31, 2021
Sunday January 2nd: The Epiphany of the Lord.
January 2, 2022

Saturday January 1st: God’s boxes

Mary treasured all these things and pondered them in her heart

Luke 2: 16 – 21

Today’s gospel reminds me of the story I heard a long time ago.

God gives you 2 boxes, a black one to store sorrows and a gold one to store joys. As you journey through life, the gold box gets heavier while the black box gets lighter. Out of curiosity you open the black box to find a hole at the bottom. Asking God why, He responds the gold is for you to be able to count all your blessings while the black is for you to let go.

This last year has again left a lot of families in pain and uncertain of the future.

I pray that as I begin this new year, I place all my pain and sorrows of this past year in God’s hands and trust in His plan for my future. I also pray for stillness and humility to recognize and appreciate God’s countless blessings in my life.