Give the gift of Love
December 29, 2021
Friday December 31: In the beginning was the Word
December 31, 2021

Thursday December 30th: Anna also chose ‘the better part’ and a good path

“Anna …praised God and spoke of Jesus”

Luke 2: 36-40

There are times in the lives of each one of us when we find ourselves having to make firm and wise decisions in the way that we must go forward, given the circumstances in which we find ourselves. These are ‘teachable moments’.
Anna’s ‘teachable moment’ occurred at the death of her husband. The now widowed Anna chose to accept the Lord her God as her pillar of strength for life, after her short marriage of seven years. Scripture tells us that she ‘never left the Temple’ and kept ‘serving God night and day with fasting and prayer’. She became a woman who lived continuously in God’s presence.
When the infant Jesus was brought to the Temple by His parents, Anna, like Simeon, was also prompted by the Spirit to come and behold the Saviour of the world, to ‘praise God’ and ‘speak of the child to all’ who would listen.
How often do you speak of Jesus? How often do you give Him thanks and praise? Are you prompted to action by the Holy Spirit? Dear brothers and sisters, always speak of the Lord. Use words sometimes.