Feast of the Holy Family
December 21, 2021
Thursday December 23rd: Neighbours and relatives …. shared her joy.
December 23, 2021

Wednesday December 22nd: Jesus’ presence amongst men

God’s Mercy

Luke 1: 46-56

God has visited his people. He brings joy and mercy amongst men. He is living in Mary as she visits Elizabeth in the house of Zachariah.
Mary is filled with the child Jesus and the Holy Spirit. She is filled with Joy because God has done great things.
She is full of Faith and knows she is blessed.
She reflects on the Joy, the Mercy and protection of God and what he has done through her will be done to us.
Mary rejoices for He brings freedom, liberty and sets captives free, lifting the lowly.
She rejoices because the child comes to live in us. God’s revealing plan unfolds. Mary and Elizabeth are symbols of God’s presence in community. He calls humanity together to Joy and mercy, implanting His mission in hearts, freeing those in captivity, to spread His revealing love.
Mary sings. He has blessed her with the strength of his arm for he has come to save his people, that which was promised to the fathers of old.