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December 21, 2021
A reflective Christmas
December 21, 2021

Catholic News kids answer: “What are you most looking forward to this Christmas?”

Some parents say that the reactions of their children at Christmas are part of what makes the season festive for them. So, we asked the children of a few CAMSEL employees the question above. Here are their responses.


Faithe and grace

Faithe, 12, and Grace, 8, daughters of Accounts Manager Charmaine Meloney: “The thing we are most looking forward to this Christmas is just spending time with our family.”


Lindsay and Liam

Liam, 7, son of Administrative Officer Lindsey O’Brien: “I want a scooter!”


Aadel and Isabelle

Isabelle, 7, daughter of Graphic Layout Artist Aadel Chin-Albert: “Going to New York, playing in the snow, seeing my big brother Isaiah and I would like a new iPhone.”


Tardieu family 

Children of General Manager Kathryn Tardieu—
Stephen, 8: “Making Christmas cookies and opening presents together on Christmas Day”

Francis, 8: “Going to church and getting gyros after and going by granny on Christmas Day and having a feast with everybody!”

Joseph, 11: “I’m looking forward to watching Christmas movies with my family, and opening presents!”

Nicole and Aidan

Aidan, 9, son of Marketing Manager Nicole Austin: “What I am looking forward to the most, is getting all the gifts on my list from my mummy, nana, papa, aunts and uncles. I want a gaming PC, a PS5, a gaming chair, a gaming headset, and plenty, plenty ‘V-Bucks’ that I can use to buy things from the PlayStation Item Store for Fortnite. If they are too expensive, then everyone can put up together and buy them—that would be my happiest Christmas ever!”

Kae and Amani

Amani, 7, son of writer/media relations officer Kaelanne Jordan: “This Christmas I am excited for family and friends, presents and the birth of Jesus Christ….And food!”


Gerard and Eli

Eli, 11, son of freelance photographer Gerard-Paul Wanliss: “What I am really looking forward to this Christmas is the wonderful food—the ham and pastelle, fruitcake—opening my presents (hopefully, there is a PS5 in there!), and spending time with my family.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  –