Friday December 17th: Sinners and Saints
December 17, 2021
Sunday December 19th: God is with us
December 19, 2021

Saturday December 18th: God-is-with-us’

‘This is how Jesus Christ came to be born’

Matthew 1:18-24

It is normal to plan what you want to do with your life. This is not an overnight plan but one that requires a lot of discernment as to what is the best vocation according to God’s will. Mary and Joseph were did that. They planned well and started on a journey of life together but no sooner had they started off, suddenly they encountered difficulties as related in today’s Gospel.

Joseph went through a long and painful journey which involved fears, hesitancy and discernment before eventually arriving to the point of total commitment. Having accepted the plan God had for their lives the couple set out to live according to God’s will. They were both cooperative with God’s plan.

Mary and Joseph are models of what it means to be faithful servants of God. Jesus Christ always comes to be born into the world in a variety of ways. This Gospel challenges us to be authentic servants of God for it is only then Jesus comes to be born and we can truly say, “God-is-with-us.”

Photo by Gareth Harper on Unsplash