Crafty Catholic Women: Christmas Edition
December 16, 2021
O come all ye Faithful
December 16, 2021

Archbishop reminds “…it’s not Happy Holidays, it’s Christmas”

Society has blurred the real purpose of Christmas with commercialism and materialism, says Archbishop Jason Gordon. While the world may have “lost the reason for the season” by focusing on the shopping, decorating, and gift-giving, the Archbishop asserted that the season calls for all to celebrate the “best gift” the world has ever received, Jesus Christ. “…it’s not Happy Holidays, it’s Christmas. Christ is the centre, and this attempt to secularise it is really a bit of craziness,” the Archbishop said during the final Ask the Archbishop live chat for 2021, Wednesday, December 15 via Instagram @catholictt 

Commenting on the act of gift-giving, Archbishop Gordon said that this is a “beautiful way” of saying thanks or showing appreciation. “But we should not have an imperative on it of ‘don’t give a gift to a bad person’. That’s how we feel at times…. And it should not be an outdoing of each other and an aspect of ‘oh that’s what you got, this is what I got’…it shouldn’t be that,” the Archbishop said. Archbishop Gordon told host Darrion Narine a significant facet of the season is family. Christmas, the Archbishop said, started with the family: Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus. “That’s why family is so important because it is through the family that God brought a nation; it is through the family that the whole restoring of everything that went wrong happened to the family… and that’s an important part of the Christmas meditation,” the Archbishop explained. Asked to share his plans for the season, Archbishop Gordon replied that his Christmas will be spent among his religious and human family.

He mentioned he celebrated Christmas Mass that very morning (December 15) for all the prisoners albeit, virtually. Pre Covid-19, Archbishop Gordon would make his annual Christmas prison visits, a “high point” of his Christmas.

The Archbishop also shared another “standard fare” for the Christmas season: ponche de crème, pastelle, and sorrel, adding “you can’t have Christmas without that,” he said with a chuckle.