A Catholic Foodie: Trini Pastelles

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December 16, 2021
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December 17, 2021

A Catholic Foodie: Trini Pastelles

by Joanne Campbell

‘Ah give him bread, and ham, together with ah pastelle…’

It’s pastelle season and if you haven’t made your pastelles yet, here is an easy-to-follow recipe from Countrykitchentt.


Banana leaves

For Filling:

1.5 lb minced chicken/beef

1 medium onion

Green seasoning





Roucou /ketchup (optional)

2 tablespoon capers

8 chopped olives

1/4 cup raisins


For Dough:

2 cups cornmeal

3 cups lukewarm water

4 tablespoons oil


11/4 salt



1. Season meat to liking. Stew meat for 15 minutes. Cook well. Add ketchup or roucou.

2. Remove from fire and add raisins, capers, and olives. Mix together and let cool.

3. Combine cornmeal, salt, butter, and water to make a soft dough.

4. Roll dough into 12 balls. Cover with damp cloth.

5. Cut leaves to size and singe leaves in boiling water. Wipe clean.

6. Place ball on oiled leaf and press to flatten dough.

7. Put 2 tablespoon of meat filling in centre of dough.

8. Fold the leaf and tie with string or wrap in foil.

9. Boil or steam for 15–20 minutes. Let cool before eating.


NB: You can use any type of filling to replace meat.